52/50 Entertainment and Productions provides a platform for up and coming individuals in fashion, music, and studio arts to showcase and network their talents.
52/50 Entertainment and Productions is all about developing creativity. We believe success is partially measured by one's ability to finish ideas and complete tasks. 52/50ep enables individuals to take advantage of their creative talents by showcasing them to a larger audience. As a company, 52/50ep reserves a percentage of its return for programs, organizations, and charities that we feel best represent the lifestyle of 52/50ep.
52/50 Entertainment and Productions was founded in 2010 by Kyle Somersall (Wesleyan University), Clayton Robertson (University of Pennsylvania), and Frank Garcia (Columbia University). 52/50ep works closesly with DC Promotions, Brandon Robinson, and the Young Fresh Society.
If you haven't already, visit our website at www.5250ep.com.


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