52/50 Entertainment and Productions provides a platform for up and coming individuals in fashion, music, and studio arts to showcase and network their talents.
52/50 Entertainment and Productions is all about developing creativity. We believe success is partially measured by one's ability to finish ideas and complete tasks. 52/50ep enables individuals to take advantage of their creative talents by showcasing them to a larger audience. As a company, 52/50ep reserves a percentage of its return for programs, organizations, and charities that we feel best represent the lifestyle of 52/50ep.
52/50 Entertainment and Productions was founded in 2010 by Kyle Somersall (Wesleyan University), Clayton Robertson (University of Pennsylvania), and Frank Garcia (Columbia University). 52/50ep works closesly with DC Promotions, Brandon Robinson, and the Young Fresh Society.
If you haven't already, visit our website at www.5250ep.com.


i just watched as my hamster flipped when he realized that he was in a cage. he’s been there for 2 weeks and just now went crazy because he realized that his world was fake. he’s been trying to get out for a while now.. i feel pretty bad because I can definitely relate. took me 21 years to realize that my world was fake.. that i was caged.. i definitely flipped..

watching him, i just keep thinking: “if only he knew how to open the latch.. he can def open that latch.. the only way out of that cage.. the only way to freedom.. is through knowledge”

i’m glad that i’m aware that knowledge is the way out.

brandon a. robinson. (via asipoftea)

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